Game Table AssemblyPerfect Install – Corner Pocket!
VIP Assembly’s Experts are the Go-To People for Pool Table and Game Table Assembly and Installation! The average pool table consists of three layers of stone that are covered with felt during the assembly, and it generally takes at least two strong workers to correctly maneuver the heavy stone layers. As you can imagine, this is the sort of job amateurs often have difficulty with, even if they are strong and healthy. And there is also a big risk of injury!

You might manage to install a professional-quality pool table in an adequate manner, but when you could just call VIP Assembly, trying to do it yourself is like going for a trick shot when the clear shot is right in front of your cue! Our experts at VIP Assembly have assembled and installed thousands of pool tables, and our experts are knowledgeable, professional, and physically strong enough to make the task 100% efficient, safe, and precise.

Game Table AssemblyIf you are moving your pool table, we can transport it from one location to another (even disassembling and reassembling it, if necessary) and install it in the new location. There are many nuances to this process, since parts of a pool table are very sensitive. Also, the table must be level, sturdy, and smooth – VIP Assembly will make sure that your pool table is delivered to its new home as good as new!

We also provide pool table service, including replacement of parts and re-leveling! We will also re-felt your table, whether you want to replace a faded or damaged felt, or you simply want a different color.


So, if you’ve watched “The Hustler” or “The Color of Money” dozens of times and dreamed of becoming a pool shark, what are you waiting for?

VIP Assembly will work through the process with you every step of the way. Consulting with you about which table to buy, delivering and installing the table, moving it to your desired location, hustling unsuspecting rubes so you can win big money off them at the pool table! Wait… maybe not the last one J But we’re certainly your go-to guys for everything else!

Our experts are available 24/7 to consult with you, no obligation, about any of your pool table needs! We pride ourselves on working with each individual client to meet that client’s timeline, budget, and specific needs!


We Also Install Table Tennis/Ping Pong Tables, Foosball, Air Hockey and Other Table-Based Games!


Game Table AssemblyDoes your game-room need a makeover? Or have you just ordered a new game table but it’s heavy and difficult to maneuver? Or maybe the assembly instructions seem like they’re written in Greek? Either way, VIP Assembly will solve your problems!

Our experts are trained to transport, assemble, and install all brands and types of game tables. Sturdiness, safety, precision, and cost-effectiveness are our hallmarks, and you can consult with our experts at no obligation 24/7! Even if you’re missing the instructions entirely, you don’t have the proper tools, or maybe a small piece of the equipment is nowhere to be found – contact VIP Assembly!

Our experts have put together thousands of game tables, and they know easy, efficient solutions to just about every problem you can encounter! We’re also up-to-date on the different sorts of table games and game room options that are on the market today. Our experts can talk with you during a free consultation and help recommend games you or your Game Table Assemblykids will love, advise you about any possible safety concerns, and answer any of your other questions about building the perfect game room!

They are also knowledgeable and experienced enough that they can tell exactly how an item fits together by looking through the pieces – so even if you’ve lost the instruction booklet, it’s not a big deal!


You can call us for a free no-obligation consultation at any time. We’ll even consult with you about which brands of equipment you should buy. Discuss the relative merits of foosball vs. air hockey (Foosball! Foosball! Foosball! J), and work closely with you to develop a plan that fits your timeline, budget, and specific needs!

If you are in Maryland, Washington DC, or Northern Virginia, ask about our same-day service! We will transport your game tables (and other game equipment), disassemble and reassemble as needed, and install at your new location all in the same day! VIP Assembly also works with recreation centers, YMCA’s and YWCA’s, and boys and girls clubs – so contact us about all of your table-based game needs! We’ll have you up and running as fast as you can say, “Let the games begin!” Well… almost that fast!



List of Items We Help Assemble and Install:

Pool Tables, Cue Racks, Bars and Stools, Air Hockey Tables & Chairs, Bumper Pool Tables, Poker Tables, Black Jack Tables, Craps Tables, Roulette Tables, Billiard Tables, Dome Hockey Tables, Foosball and Soccer Tables, Tennis Tables, Multi Games Tables, Ping-Pong Tables, Shuffleboard Tables, Basketball – Indoor Games, Gaming Chairs, Combination Tables, Pinball Game Machines, Popcorn Concession machines, Arcade Game Machines, Pub Table sets, Bar Stools, Spectator Chairs Benches, Bars, Skee – Balls Game Tables, Jukeboxes, Dartboard & Cabinet Sets, Display Show Cases, Amusement Games, Coin -Op Tables, and much more.

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