Hoop It Up with VIP Assembly! – Our Experts Transport, Assemble,  Install and Relocate Basketball Goals of Any Size!

We are experts at assembling both portable or in-ground basketball hoops!

Here at VIP Assembly, we have extensive experience installing basketball goals!

If you have any questions about your installation, including but not limited to finding the best spot for your goal, how far back the pole should be from the playing surface, or which way the pole should face, our experts are ready and eager to help!

If you need an old basketball goal removed to make room for the new one, don’t hesitate to contact us! Even if your old goal is attached to the cement in your driveway or otherwise difficult to move, we know how to detach it and install a new one!

Most people don’t have the tools or knowledge necessary to remove their goal from the driveway/ground, but we provide this service at a reasonable cost. Any Assembly works with all brands, types, and heights of basketball goals. Whether you are installing a mini-hoop for small children, a regulation basketball goal, or a lightweight portable goal, we’re the company to contact!

Our experts are available 24/7 for a free no-obligation consultation about your exact needs. Our experts assemble and install basketball goals in an efficient, precise, safe, and cost-effective manner! We keep our appointments and show up on time, we’re very careful not to damage your property in any way, and we offer expert advice and additional services to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new product!

*If you are installing a portable/above-ground basketball goal, the base should generally be filled with either cold water or sand. It takes at least two adults to move this sort of goal, and it should never be moved or adjusted by children or by less than two strong adults.

*If you are installing an in-ground basketball goal, it is your responsibility to survey the area where you plan the install and obtain a utility marking number from the state. State laws do not allow digging within three feet of utility markings. In-ground installations will consist of two visits, one for the dig and concrete work, and another to finish assembly after the concrete has stabilized. It is very important that nobody tampers with the equipment directly after the dig/concrete work.



Inground Basketball Hoop Installation

Customer Information for the Installation of In-Ground Basketball or Volleyball Systems

VIP Assembly, will provide the concrete, dig the hole, and install the pole and backboard per the manufacturer’s instructions. Unfortunately as part of this service agreement, AnyAssembly cannot dig through asphalt or concrete, or dispose of dirt removed to make the hole. Our tech’s will relocate the dirt to another location on your property when requested). You may contact VIP Assembly to check if this is a service your technician can perform at an additional cost to the homeowner. VIP Assembly cannot install backboards on houses or garages. Payment for all delivery and installation services must be paid for in full prior to service completion.

Homeowner’s Preparation For The In-Ground Installation

Prior to an AnyAssembly First visit, the homeowner must do the following: The homeowner is required by state and local ordinances to get clearance from the local utility companies to install the system  ( missutility.net ), as a hole must be dug up to four feet deep and two feet across. Also, please check with your homeowners association and local municipalities for any required permits.

The utility company, free of charge, will come to your home and mark any utility lines. Please explain to the agency that you need two spots approved (the second location is needed in case an unforeseen underground obstruction, i.e.: boulder, tree root, and rocks that prevents installation at the primary location).

Utility companies will not mark obstructions such as lawn sprinkler systems, electric dog fences or electrical lawn lighting systems. You will be required to have any utility lines or sprinkler /lighting system lines moved to clear the installation site prior to AnyAssembly commencing any digging. If any plumbing, electrical obstruction or underground obstruction is found, AnyAssembly cannot continue the installation. You will be required to call AnyAssembly to reschedule service after the obstruction has been moved.

If an existing in-ground unit or units are being replaced, then the homeowner must have the unit or units removed prior to VIP Assemblies 1st visit (check with your local contractors for removal). Additional fill that is compressed may be required to fill the existing hole if larger then 2×3 before VIP Assembly can install a new unit. Please refer to above paragraph (services offered). The diameter must be no larger than that specified in the manufacturer’s instructions. If we cannot install your unit due to an immovable object, your assembly charge will be refunded minus trip fee for the VIPBasketball hoop assemblyassembly technician initial trip and attempt to install.

After the concrete has set properly, VIP Assembly will visit your home to complete the installation of your backboard system. VIP Assembly will require the signature of the responsible individual at the time the installation is completed. Please wait 24 hours before using your system.

Clean up: Homeowner is responsible for disposal and clean up of all packing materials. We will place your trash at a designated location on homeowners property however we will not remove from said property.



Questions about canceling or rescheduling?

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my service visit?

Call your local installation technician at least 24 hours before the scheduled visit. If you are not able to keep your scheduled appointment you must cancel at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time or you could be subject to a 2nd trip fee before your next appointment time is scheduled.


In-ground basketball goal installations:

These installations are a two day processes, and while

the details can vary, the overall order of things is as follows:

Visit #1 – Dig a hole that is 36-48″ deep and 18-24″ wide. Fill the hole with concrete and set the manufacturer’s anchor system.

Visit #2 – Mount the pole and backboard.

Cost for installation is based on the size of the goal, plus the cost of the concrete.


Before Installation:

Why do I have to have the property marked?

Legally we can not dig without the property being marked, even if you know nothing is in the area. Each state has their own requirement on how long the marking is good for and may need to be redone if expired.

Why do I have to have the property marked if I am signing the waiver?

The waiver only covers underground items that are your property, like security or dog fences. By Law the public utilities must be marked by an authorized agency.

How close can you dig to the markings?

We can not dig within 36 inches of the marking.

What do the marking colors mean?

Red = Electric, Blue = Water, Yellow = Gas, Orange = Communication, Purple = reclaimed water line, Green = sewer lines and Pink lines are temporary survey markings

If you are putting a new hoop in an existing hole, you will not require new markings, right?

Due to state regulations, we still need the area marked because we do not know if the previous installer had it marked. Also, if we are using a jackhammer, we need to be sure that we are within the safe distance from any lines. Only exception to this is if our company just installed it and is replacing it with the exact same size model.

What are my responsibilities?

Please read your waiver before signing. – You will be responsible for any non-utility items underground that might be hit or damages during digging. – Someone 18 years or older should be present for both visits. – If necessary, you must check with the municipality or homeowners association on guidelines or permits required that may pertain to the installation of an inground Basketball unit. – Dirt, packaging or previous unit’s disposal. We will place it in a specified area, but if you like us to  haul it away we will for additional fee.  Provide the technician with a water source within 150 feet of the dig site (for the concrete) – Ensure that once the 1st phase is complete, no one tampers with the pole or anchor kit during the curing process.

If you read the waiver to me and I understand it, can you just check it for me?

No. You need to agree online unless you fax me a signed copy of the waiver. We will be more than happy to walk the customer through the process in order to help.


About Installation:

What type of weather do I need to wait for to install my Hoop?

Daytime temps must be above 39 degrees. Nighttime temps must be above 32 degrees for 7-10 days prior to scheduling the 1st Phase (dig) date. On the scheduled day, daytime temps can not be below freezing and it can not have rained substantially within 4 hours of the concrete pour. Justification: Quick Concrete is different from what is used to install driveways and sidewalks. Cold weather will cause the top of the concrete to freeze and will chip, look bluish in color and will not support the weight put on the J-Pegs. Rain will cause a pitted appearance in the concrete and can risk the integrity. Heavy rain can cause water run off or drainage into the lower portion of the hole which will require the concrete additional time to cure.

When will I get scheduled?

Once weather is permitting, all customers are scheduled based on date of purchase. In certain areas because of the unpredictable weather, we only schedule about 1-2 weeks at a time to be able to react quickly to reschedules. Once we are close to “your turn” we will start the process and schedule a date within 10 days of receiving your Dig Reference number (ticket number).

How long does the entire process take?

Once weather is permitting, you must request the Utility Marking (which should be complete in 3-4 days). misssutillity.net or va811.com .The 1st phase visit (dig) can be schedule anytime after that and the 2nd phase visit (set up) will be at least 5 days after (to allow concrete to cure).

What is the 1st Phase?

On this visit, the technician will confirm with someone over the age of 18 where the Hoop should be placed. The hole will be dug, anchor kit placed and concrete poured. This visit typically takes about 90 to 120 minutes for a normal dig.

What is the 2nd Phase?

On this visit, the technician will set up unit. Again, someone will need to be home to ensure you are satisfied with the product installation. This visit typically takes about 45 minutes.

How deep do they need to dig?

The hole will by about 18 inches by 18 inches and 3 to 4 feet deep depending on the unit.

What will they do with the dirt?

It will be about a two wheel barrow full of dirt. We can not remove it from your property, but will move it to another location for you.

How far will the backboard hang over the driveway?

Generally about a foot and a half, this should be discussed with your technician when deciding where to locate the Hoop.

What if I have an existing Hoop?

We would be happy to remove it for you, but there will be a cost involved. Unfortunately, we are unable to take the unit with us, but the technician will move it where you would like on the property.

Why do I need to be home for both Phases?

Since this is a semi-permanent addition to your property, we want to be sure you are present when the digging is performed. For the same reasons, we need to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the technicians workmanship once completed.

Can we use my old anchor kit instead of digging it out?

Only if it is the same model. We will verify with Manufacturer first


After Installation:

What is the most common cause of damage you hear about?

Dunking or hanging on the rim should be avoided. Play of this nature voids your warranty and is easily detectable, but more importantly is dangerous.

My Basketball Pole is shaking or it does not seem as sturdy as the one in the store.

Answer: As long as it is only the pole, that is very common. Justification: The pole is in two parts, the unit is top heavy and is probably higher than the unit in the store.

What do you warranty?

We warranty the installation of the product, not the actual product. The base work is warranted for 6 months and everything above ground for 90 days. Individual Manufacture warranties may vary.

Complaints that warrant a tech inspection:

– Basketball Hoop does not appear leveled – rim adjustment, defective arms or pole depth – The Backboard is shaking or loose – hardware issue – The concrete is moving – may not have cured properly


Services Provided by VIP Assembly. Service dates and times may be subject to change due to inclement weather. Please contact Us if  you have any additional questions after reviewing the contents of this information sheet.