kitchen cabinets installationKitchen cabinets assembly and installation in DC, MD and VA

Kitchen cabinets assembly can be especially complicated, and small mistakes can result in major damage if you’re unlucky. That’s why VIP Assembly is the right choice for your kitchen cabinet assembly and installation – we’ve put together hundreds of custom kitchens, and we kow exactly how to perform assemblies ranging from basic to highly complex. Our team will provide you with a safe, precise, and efficient assembly.

We also can help you with service such:

Kitchen Cabinets assembly – Next day service available


You can streamline your kitchen assembly process and help lower or stay within your budget by working with VIP Assembly. Our service is usually quicker and less expensive than using a general contractor, and we can also work directly with contractors and designers. We specialize in quick turnaround times, and we can install cabinets and other items before your contractor arrives, saving you time and money during that process! All in all, you will definitely maximize your quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness by working with VIP Assembly for all of your kitchen needs!

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