Living Room

Here at AnyAssembly, we deliver and install furniture and other ready-to-assemble items for the home every day. This is our bread and butter! It doesn’t slow down our expert installers if a screw is missing or even if the instruction booklet didn’t arrive with your order. Our installers know how to put together home furniture – when you hire AnyAssemble for your home furniture assembly and installation needs, you’ll see the difference a top-quality assembly and installation job makes!

If you’re planning a move, we will disassemble (as necessary) your furniture, transport it to your new home, and reassemble it. Sometimes people attempt to move large items, such as a sofa or entertainment centers, through doorways where the item doesn’t really fit – this can cause serious damage to your furniture and it’s also a difficult, strenuous job to do yourself! AnyAssembly’s experts can tell which of your items require disassembly and work accordingly. Sometimes, a minor adjustment (such as removing one piece that sticks out, and then easily reattaching it after transportation) can make all the difference!

Living Room Couches

We understand that having a well furnished living room is important for you, and we know you don’t want large packages or unassembled sofa pieces sitting around your home, taking up space and looking unsightly. That’s why we operate on a very flexible schedule to meet your needs, and will schedule an appointment on your timeline, including evening appointments for smaller jobs. You can consult with us for free 24/7 and we will quote you a very reasonable rate; we only charge per piece assembled, with no hidden or extra costs, and we feature white glove delivery and assembly.


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